White Noise Generator - Relaxio


The most relaxing sounds in the world saved in one app


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White Noise Generator – Relaxio is an audio app that lets you create sound combinations from different relaxing sound recordings like rain, crackling of fire, the noise inside a coffee shop or the river running through a mountain.

With White Noise Generator – Relaxio, you can activate as many simultaneous sounds as you want, and pick the volume for each one. So, for example, you can listen to the sound of a coffee shop in the background plus the sound of the rain and the crackling of the fire in the foreground. The best part is that you can save your combinations in your customized profiles. You can also have access to other previously generated combinations saved in the playlist that’s included by default in the app. Also, White Noise Generator – Relaxio includes a chronometer so you can fall asleep without having to worry about your smartphone working all night and you can also run the app in the background.

White Noise Generator – Relaxio is an excellent sound app that includes an impeccable presentation but it also offers a wide range of possibilities when you start combining sounds as you please.

Android 4.0.3 or greater is required.